Promoting public health and environment in Rwandan Schools

Open Learning Exchange Rwanda (OLE Rwanda), in partnership with the Swedish Program for ICT in Developing Regions (SPIDER), is implementing a project on the use of ICTs to support access to quality learning resources for public health and environment in Schools. It started in May 2013 and ends in October 2014. It supports 20 disadvantaged schools in 3 districts of Rwanda by providing open content for Public Health (PH) and Environment in response to curricula changes introduced since 2007.

OLE Rwanda is planning to use TeacherMate to improve literacy at lower primary for 614 students in Rwanda.

This upcoming February, Open Learning Exchange Rwanda will distribute handheld devices called TeacherMates to approximately 620 students at Remera Catholic II Primary School in Rwanda. The goal of this project will be to provide evidence concerning whether, or not, Rwandan teachers, with the aid of the TeacherMate, can in one school year help their students significantly increase their basic literacy skills, compared with the conventional methods currently used. The TeacherMate device has been used successfully in the United States for native English speakers and ELL alike.

OLE Rwanda plans for 2011 School Year is to support quality Basic Education (5000 Students and Teachers) through quality curricula.

In the framework of improving and expending quality Basic Education and enhancing and scaling up access to education materials; OLE Rwanda is conducting a curriculum development workshop that will last for 42 days between December 2010 and January 2011.

The Registration for the 2010 OLE General assembly to be held at Kigali/Rwanda in October is underway.

The 2010 General assembly of Open Learning Exchange (OLE) is scheduled for 11th to 15th October 2010 at Kigali/Rwanda.
The theme of this year’s OLE general assembly is “What Works? Exploring Scalable Approaches to Quality Universal Basic Education with Marginalized Children”. Organizations and Participants from around the globe working to promote and or having interest in promoting Quality Universal Basic Education with marginalized children are invite to attend.
For early registration and detailed information please visit

OLE Rwanda is planning a teacher training (for open education resources) from 17th to 23rd May 2010

OLE Rwanda is planning teacher training from 17th to 23rd May 2010. Open education resources, an offline library and a ladder access model shall improve the quality of Education in 2010.

OLE Rwanda in partnership with the Ministry of Education, INASP and Springer are organizing 3 e-resources workshops in summer 2010.

The major outcome of the December 2009 e-resources workshops organized by OLE Rwanda in partnership with the Ministry of Education and INASP is the development of a strategic plan template to promote an understanding of challenges in accessing and using e-resources in Rwanda and to inform the development of e-resources “access point, selection and acquisition criteria, management of users records, building a library consortium, development of monitoring and evaluation guidelines and policy framework as well as training e-resources users”.

Hybrid quality education resources are being used in electronic(on OLPC devices) and printable formats.

Siyavula free education resources are responding to education needs of Teachers and Students in Primary Schools of Kigali City/Rwanda. Open Learning Exchange (OLE) has an understanding with Shuttleworth foundation/ South Africa to use Siyavula education resources in different countries in which it operates.

OLE Rwanda is planning an in service teacher training and the first roll out of Siyavula education resources at EPAK School/Kigali City.

OLE Rwanda in partnership with the Ministry of Education is organizing two workshops on monitoring and evaluating e-resources

The Ministry of Education in partnership with Open Learning Exchange Rwanda and the International Network for the Availability of Scientific Publications (INASP) are organizing two workshops on “Monitoring and Evaluating Scientific electronic resources in Rwanda”
The first workshop shall be held at the National University of Rwanda (UNR) respectively on 7th and 8th December 2009; the second workshop shall be organized at the National Curriculum Development Center ( NCDC) from 17th to 18th December 2009.   

The rendez-vous is set for Rwanda; OLE Rwanda selected to host the second general assembly of OLEs Centers in spring 2010.

OLE Rwanda was selected to host the second General Assembly of OLEs centers by participants in the first OLEs General Assembly in Kathmandu/Nepal held during the first week of November 2009
The second General Assembly will be held in Kigali / Rwanda in spring 2010.
OLE Rwanda is working with the Ministry of Education (NCDC) to contextualize open education content (Siyavula education learning resources) of Shuttleworth foundation/South Africa to meeting learning and teaching needs of children in Rwanda.

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